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Official Guinness World Records Title Holder for the highest jump by a horse ridden side saddle.

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Susan Oakes
Susan Oakes
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⁣I am proud to announce that I am the official Guinness World Records Title Holder for the highest jump by a horse ridden side saddle.
Back in 2011 I decided to try beat an unofficial record of jumping 6'6ft by a Australian lady after seeing a pic of her jumping. I made my crazy ambition public. I was then a blank canvas, no showjumping horse, no showjumping trainer, only a Dream.
In reflection I thought how hard could this be..., I'll have this achieved in a few months. Well the reality was very different, 2 yrs training, 5 days a week, many horses, many life lessons, over 40 side saddles later. The attempt was scheduled for the 24th Oct 2013, I was at the bottom of the barrel mentally, physically and financially.
In 2012 I contacted the Guinness World Records to see if they would verify my record but unfortunately they only had a category for The Horse that jumps the highest, whether is ridden by man woman or child, frontwards or backwards. The Record is still held today by Captain Alberto Larraguibel on Huaso in Chile in 1949. The news was disappointing but at this stage I was to involved in my vision to back out.
On the 24th October 2013 I had videographer, photographers, FEI officials, HSI officials & personal friends present to witness my attempts. I had only got the right side saddle 2 weeks before, finding the right saddle was a major struggle. I needed a saddle that was short and light so my horses could release behind and for me I needed a saddle that had not much support as I was relying on my balance and core to keep me in the plate, a real balancing act!
On the day I rode SIEC Atlas over the wall, this horse had jumped to the top level internationally and was the ultimate schoolmaster. He fed me confidence and I fed him bravery. We jumped a few walls before the big one. The relief of landing clear over 6'8ft was and still is indescribable. The horse threw his heart over, followed by his body and all I had to do was give him encouragement and hang on.
Then I mounted SIEC Oberon to attempt 6'5ft over the triple bar. To date this is the most difficult thing so far in my life I have ever attempted. I had to dig deep mentally but my trusty steed had to do so much more!
Hindsight.. I can now see how crazy it was riding 2 completely different horses over 2 completely different jumps and to do it on the same day was extremely ambitious to say the least.
6 weeks ago out of the blue I was contacted by The Guinness World Records to say they would like to verify and recognise my record as it had recieved so much support & attention worldwide.
I had to supply alot of footage that they required over the last few weeks, I had to go back & revisit & relive many many memories.
Today I am delighted to make this official announcement that I am a Guinness World Records Title Holder. For me it's the equivalent of Olympic Gold. I want to own it, cherish it and celebrate it!
None of this would of been possible with out the grass roots of hunting & point to pointing which kept me brave and fit. All the amazing horses that have carried me over many obstacles & terrain. Finally to the support I have recieved from far and wide, Thank You! I am extremely grateful & humbled for all the support I recieve no matter what equestrian endeavor I take on.
"Dream your Painting, then Paint your Dream"
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photo credits Nicola Coffey
video credits Fiona Thompson

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